3 typical types of children clothing in Babeeni (Part 2)

pumpkin smocked denim dress

In Babeeni, hand smocked clothing for children is superior. But appliquéd and plain clothing also make impressed by unique designs and baby friendly fabric materials. Each type of children clothing has its own interesting features. Today, I will give you a closer look. Let’s discover!

pumpkin smocked denim dress

Appliquéd clothing

Appliqué is a sewing technique that involves stitching a small piece of fabric onto a larger one to make a pattern or design. When you use applique to decorate clothing for children like an a-line dress or a handbag, you often cut out fabric shapes and sew or glue them on. You could see a lot of imitative cartoon picture or holiday symbols embroidered on the bodice of appliquéd longalls for boy, for example.

Now appliqué pattern is made by machine, so it is more accurate and faster. Wearing appliqué clothing, children will be outstanding with exquisite appliquéd pattern. Let’s take a look into some below appliquéd designs!

Golf ezgo appliqued set for baby boys – KN 148

Golf ezgo appliqued set for baby boys

Feature: Cute boy set with golf ezgo appliqued patterns on the top


– Top: White knit + lime green knit fabric

– Bottom: Lime green stripe knit fabric

Beautiful shell appliqued girl outfit – KN 152

shell appliqued girl outfit

Feature: A beautiful appliqued outfit for girl with shell pattern on the top, ruffles at bottom


+ Top: Navy knit fabric

+ Bottom: Orange stripe knit fabric

Plain clothing

Different from smocked clothing and appliqué clothing, garment that is not embroidered anything on called plain clothing. If you love simple clothes, this type is suitable. Your children could love since it is lightweight, safe and has harmonious combination of color. In Babeeni, plain clothing is made of high quality fabric material, such as knit, corduroy, minky… All are 100% cotton and baby-friendly. In addition, on girl plain clothing, ruffle and bow are added for decoration. And some boy longalls are designed as reversible ones. It is just like you get 2 clothes with once purchasing. Let’s see some interesting designs below!

Lovely plain dress for girl – DR 1928

plain dress for girl

Feature: Beautiful dress for girl with long sleeves and buttons at back for easy dressing

Material: hot pink and white with multi-color big dot 100% cotton

Cute red corduroy boy longall – BC 573

red corduroy longall for boy

Feature: Lovely baby boy longall, buttons on the shoulders and snaps at the crotch for easy dressing

Material: Red corduroy

Are they beautiful? Plain clothing and appliquéd clothing are the end of the topic: 3 typical types of children clothing in Babeeni. Hope that this article will be useful for you! If you want to see more designs, please kindly visit and sign up Babeeni.com to discover!

Thank you for reading!