8 signs of good parents of children (part 1)

Parents play an important role in shaping the character of children. Your children will be a good person if parents behave in the right ways. Today, I will mention some tips to be good parents. Let’s discover now!

1. Express your love to children Young children only understand the language of love through hugs, kisses and cuddle. So please express your feelings more often, it will make your child feel safe and confident to solve all the problems in his new life. is098w42o 2. Spend time with children The best gift you can give children is to spend time with them. Although family and office has taken a lot of time consuming in a day, you should spend more time with children. This is especially important when children grow up and need your help. talkingabout1063x597 3. Give responsibility to children Becoming toddlers, children begin a new journey. Father or mother should teach children the way to take responsibility. It helps build character and makes children more confident. You can let your child start with small task such as: after playing, toddlers should clean up the mess, water the tree…. green-kids-garden-lg 4. Praise for children’s good job Whenever kids have just done a good job, you should reward them a gift or a complement to encourage. Reward will help reinforce appropriate behavior of your baby. For example, whenever your child help to tidy up the room, let him play outside in the garden or cook a favourite meal for him, do not let children play video games because it affects their eyes. Babeeni gift I have just share with you 4 first tips to be good parents. Please wait for next part to read more interesting information. Thanks for regarding! Anne from Babeeni team.