8 signs of good parents of children (part 2)

In previous part, I share with you 4 first factors of good father, mother. Now, I will continue suggesting more information to be friendly with children. Hope you read and enjoy it!

5. Do not criticize or hit children

If children do something wrong, you should not blame on them. Instead, you make your kid realize his mistakes his self. You should teach them right manner in behaving with other people.


No matter how your child behaves, you should not lose your temper and hit children. Even in a bad mood, you do not ever punish the physical punishment. If you do so, they obey right now. However, it will cause negative consequences in characters when baby grow up later.

6. Forgive children’s mistakes

All people also used to make mistakes. So do toddlers. At that time, you should forgive their faults and tell them how to avoid making mistakes again. Your children will understand and do it better.


7. Become a good sample

In order to make children do whatever you say obediently, you should be good parents firstly. Setting discipline and then sticking to it make children imitate. Children will understand those things are all right things and not talk back.


8. Explain the rules for children

Your family has a set of rules, you should teach your child to know. But, make sure that you also explain to children about the purpose of the rule. You have to explain to children that have dinner at 6pm and sleep at 9 that make children healthy. Also, eating together is one of the family rules because that is the time the whole family can sit down and talk together.

That is all I want to share you to be closer and closer to your children. Hope you enjoy this blog!

Thanks for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.