About ironing board for ironing smocked infant clothing process (part 1)

Firstly, I will mention to the definition of ironing smocked infant clothing board.


An ironing board used in ironing baby smocked clothing process is an essential accessory that is used along with an iron or steam generator iron, for ironing or pressing baby smocked clothes or fabrics.

There are three types of ironing boards on the markets for your choice to take care of smocked infant clothes. They are freestanding model, compact board and  built-in ironing board.


Though some homemakers like to iron on a towel-covered counter, a padded ironing board provides a much better ironing surface, where your smocked dresses for baby girls, boys smocked clothing or fabric is more securely draped across the board or placed at the pointed end where the iron can press into curved areas of the smocked infant suits. An ironing board is covered by a fabric pad that is secured on the board.

Babeeni team