Choosing pajamas for kids

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Parents want the best things for their children, and that means thoroughly thinking out every decision, big or small, that affects their little ones. Even picking out baby sleepwear¬†requires much more thought than sleepwear for teens and adults. Getting well-fitting clothing for babies and toddlers is the first order of business when choosing their nightclothes. Once the size is right, parents are faced with multiple combinations of styles, materials, and colors when buying children’s sleepwear, so having some idea of the choices up front makes buying decisions easier.

Is the fabric soft and smooth?

The texture of some fabrics may not have an affect on you; however, certain fabrics may feel like steel wool for a child. Test the fabrics by feeling them against your face, or, if you’re shopping online, find a store that carries a handpicked selection of¬†pajamas for kids. Also keep in mind the weight of the fabric, if your child is sleeping with a weighted blanket make sure the fabric is lightweight and be mindful of overheating during the summer.

Are there tags or seams on the pajamas?

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The next thing to look at are tags and seams. Many of us can ignore these and sleep easy, but for kids a scratchy or itchy tag or seam can keep them awake all night. While it doesn’t bother you, tags, seams, zippers or buttons can be very uncomfortable for your child. Try to find seamless styles and pajamas that have printed tags on the fabric, instead of ones that are sewn onto the pajamas. If seamless styles are not available, check to make sure the seams are soft, smooth and not scratchy or itchy.

What are the colors of the pajamas?

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Bedtime is about resting and relaxing. When looking at colors and patterns, think about colors and prints that are calming and easy on your eyes. Instead of bright neons, try to go for darker, cooler colors that help your eyes relax. Instead of giant fun and exciting patterns, try patterns that are cool and calm colors. Remember, having relaxing styles that can help to promote a better night’s sleep is much more important than fashion when your goal is to help make falling asleep easier.

The most important things to remember when you buy pajamas for kid is that they need to be soft and smooth. You want to avoid tags and seams whenever possible and also try to pick calming and relaxing colors and prints. By doing this you can help to reduce some of the things that keep kids up at night and help to promote an easier time falling asleep.

Those above are my experiences that I wanna share with you. I hope that they will be useful for you to choose the right pajamas for your little angels.

Thanks for reading!

Sam from Babeeni team.