Choosing smocked dresses which are suitable with your baby’s shape

Smocked dress is always the first choice of mothers who have little girls. Because smocked dress is never out of date, they exists along with times, your baby can wear on special holidays of daily wear. However, to choose suitable dress with your baby’s shape, it is not easy. In this post, I would like to share with you some tips to choose smocked dress which are suitable with your baby’s shape.

First, choosing smocked dress for thin girls

To choose suitable dress for thin girls, it is not really difficult. You should choose smocked dress with big ruffle or fabric with big flower patterns or style of bishop dress. Ruffle can help your baby look chunkier or big flower patterns can make your baby bigger & lissome. Bishop dress is designed larger on the bottom so your baby will not look thin in bishop dress. Besides, Parents should not choose dress that makes her look thinner.

Sleeveless bishop dress with hand-smocked juicy fruits – DR 2553

A very lovey sleeveless bishop dress with hand-smocked patterns of juicy fruits and juices and elegant white lace around the neck.

Eden Garden Vintage floral printed dress – DR 2898

Dreamy dress feature high-low style has angel wing sleeves with Bohemian fabric pattern. The hand drawing flower printed dress is embellished with cute tiny embroidered flowers on the chest. Perfect for babies on special occasions & event or party.

Calla Peasant floral dress – DR 2897

Peasant dress has long sleeves with big ruffles. The dress is embellished with a peace pink ribbon under the chest.

Choose smocked dress for chubby girls

Chubby girls should choose smocked dress with dark color; it can make girls look thinner. Parents should choose simple patterns & the dress moulded her body. At that time, she will look less chubby & higher. Besides, parents should carefully choose fabrics for chubby girls. Chubby girls is easy to sweat so parents should choose soft & well swear absorbent fabric. So they can feel comfortable in their activities. Parents can choose smocked set for chubby girls such as:

Smocked geometric girl short set mint and coral – DR 3021

Girl short set with smocked geometric pattern around the neck, angle-sleeves, embellished with ruffles and scallop. Best gift for special occasions such as birthday or party, suitable for spring summer.

Mint girl bubble set with hand-smocked carousel horses – DR 2581

A very adorable outfit for baby girls with lovely hand-smocked carousel horses on the chest. Angel sleeves rimmed with yellow zigzag.

That is some suggestion I would like to introduce you for reference. You can choose suitable smocked clothing for your baby. It depends on your baby’s shape and favorite as well. I hope they are useful. You can visit our website: to see other designs.