Fourth of July is important day in USA. Parents & their children are eager to welcome that day & try to choose to buy beautiful Fourth of July clothing to wear. To choose beautiul outfits for Independent day, please come to Babeeni, we can make sure that we will make all of you satisfied. With many designs, embroidery & perfect combination, Babeeni have a beautiful collection for this special holiday for both boy & girl.

With American flag embroidery & scallop on hem off dress, two outfits are very suitable for baby girls to wear in Independent day. With red zigzag & ruffle on back off bottom, they can embellish smocking plate more.  Besides, Scallop on hem is important part of thing which help outfit more beautiful.


Besides smocked outfits, Babeeni have a lot of machine embroidery outfits.  With beautiful designs & embroidery, outfits are made with perfect combination.

If you see these outfits in actual products, we believe that you will not be able to leave your eyes on them. Specially, your children will be more radiant very much. Please owe them, you will believe

In this collection, plain dress also plays an important role. With perfect combination of fabrics, these outfits are very lovely & outstanding

Nice patriotic plain dress – DR 2479


Gorgeous plain patriotic dress – DR 2478


With these outfits, we can make sure that children will feel exciting to wear them & they will look very outstanding

Boy outfits are as beautiful as girl outfits are. You can see:

Patriotic applique outfit for boy – BC 700


Mickey American flag applique shortall – BC 699

With many styles, patterns and different technique, Babeeni’s clothing is not only beautiful but also good quality.  We can make sure that you will be satisfied with our products.

Thank you for reading!!!