Disney kid clothes are coming to Babeeni! (Part 1)

Disney is loved by many kids all over the world and goes through childhood of kids with Mickey, Donalds…. Get inspiration, Babeeni launched Disney collection. Are you excited? I will introduce some general information and Disney kid clothes of this collection. Let’s discover!

Which fabric do we use?

Everyone wishes to have soft skin likes baby’s but we all know that baby skin is very sensitive and easily suffered from rashes, allergies… Thus, fabric often is a deciding factor when purchasing kid clothes. You should choose fabric that is soft, baby friendly and breathable. In summer, kid is also hot and sweats a lot to cool down body temperature. So baby clothes should allow air circulation, dry quickly and not absorb too much heat from sunshine. As a second mother, Babeeni considers cotton being the main fabric in this Disney clothing.

DR 1853

In addition, cotton comes to many types and colors, such as: knit, chevron, stripe, gingham, plain, quatrefoil, seersucker. All fabric types are high quality and 100% cotton. Now, mothers have a variety of choice to dress up baby without worry about skin deceases.

And what’s about main colors?

Baby is such a sweet thing to your family. She is adorable, innocent so Babeeni designed baby clothing in Disney collection with bright colors: pinkish, light blue, white… Mother can choose your favorite colors or colors your kids love. Children will be so fresh and beautiful!

DR 1942

Now you have one more choice to choose clothes for kid through Disney kid clothes. Please visit and register on our website: http://www.babeeni.com/ to see full collection. In the next part, I will introduce to you more information! Hope you enjoy and wait for second part!

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.