Disney kid clothes are coming to Babeeni! (Part 2)

Disney cartoon films are very famous and loved all around the world. So Babeeni designed Disney clothes for kid as a gift to children who loves Cinderella, Mickey, Donalds, Elsa… In the previous part, I introduced to you some general information. Now let’s continue reading the rests!

Have got any design for boys?

Happily to say that in this collection, you can dress your little boy with longalls, boy set, bubble or loungewear. And your girls will have smocked dress, girl set, bubble, outfit and even swimwear.

BC 483

All designs in Disney collection are followed 3 standards: comfort, safe and beautiful. In order to avoid causing choking hazards and allergies, style of Babeeni children clothes is created without sashes, cords, too large button, zipper and low quality fabric. Babeeni considered cotton as the main fabric material and turned it into many types, such as: knit, quatrefoil, plain, polka dot and seersucker.

Which Disney patterns are chosen?

Currently, in this collection, there are 3 themes embroidered: Cinderella, Frozen, Micky and Minnie mouse. Pattern comes to various shapes and postures and is divided into 2 categories: appliquéd and smocked patterns. All are made by hand, so patterns are very strong, secure and beautiful. Let’s see!

Adorable minnie applique girl set – DR 2007

DR 2007

Feature:  Lovely girl set with minnie appliqued pattern, long sleeves, ruffle

Minnies girl smocked swimsuit – SW 197

SW 197

Feature:  Girl swimwear with minnies hand smocked pattern on the top

Olaf frozen smocked longall for boys – BC 484

BC 484

Feature:  Smocked longall with Olaf frozen and snowflake hand smocked pattern, buttons on the shoulder and snaps at the crotch

Glass slipper appliqued knit dress – DR 1934

Feature: Adorable girl applique knit dress with glass slipper applique pattern

And what about sizes?

Babeeni is concentrating on children who are in the age from 3 months to 8 years old. Each size is designed according to standard chart with updated parameters. But we know that children have not the same parameters, so we are also willing to design depending on your child parameters.

That is all I want to share with you about Disney kid clothes in Babeeni. In the near future, there are still more designs with other Disney’s themes. Please visit and register on our website: Babeeni.com to see full Disney collection.

Thank you for concerning!

Anne from Babeeni team.