Do you know ALL Baby Detergent to wash smocked baby dresses?

As you know, Dreft is the most popular baby detergent to wash smocked baby dresses in the market today. However, it is extremely expensive.

ALL Baby Detergent is one of the variants of special laundry soap for smocked baby clothes.

DR 1561

This product is cheaper than Dreft. You can purchase it on sale and get one free. ALL Baby can clean smocked clothing as effectively as the top baby detergent brands at cheap price on the market. It also does not contain dye too and has hypoallergenic ingredients.

ALL Baby Detergent can handle all stains. It is effective for both pre-treatment and washing kid clothes. Even without bleach, it has effectively washed off tough stains and dirt like food and milk from smocked kids dresses.


But Cool kids clothes washed with ALL Baby Detergent are not as sweet smelling or as softer as washed with Dreft or other detergents. So you have to buy softeners to make kid clothing softer.