Do you know the green dry cleaning method with smocked dress for babies?

Have you ever thought how baby smocked dress is when dropping off at the dry cleaner, or if there is an environmentally friendly option to the cleaning chemicals? Today we will show you the green cleaning method which is much safer and better for our environment and smocked clothing for babies.


Non-toxic chemicals used in green dry cleaning with cool kids clothes

The beige linen suit, with the wine stains, is being scanned by JR, who is proceeding to use a tannin formula which is a water based non-toxic spotting agent that will remove any earth based type of stains like fruit juices, colas, teas, and coffees. After that, we are going to put this two piece linen suit after we remove the stains on baby smocked clothes into our wet cleaning machine.

Follow kid clothes through the green cleaning process

This wet cleaning machine works in conjunction with a specific cleaning agent. This goes out in a rinse. After that, we have a conditioner that basically protects the smocked dresses and brings the ph of the original fiber, back to its original condition. So, it actually simulates what it was before it went in.


Then after that, there’s another rinse. The washing will probably take about 15-25 minutes. And then we add a fabric sizing. This basically brings the piece back in terms of the body and the texture and the feel of the garment. So, when this piece is finished of the wet cleaning process, the three different steps I’ve just shared with you, it will go into either a dryer or a hanging drying cabinet, with no mechanical action. When this piece is dry it will look and feel exactly the way a piece would come out of conventional dry cleaning.


After the hand finishing process and when we do a check point of that and everything is perfect with the garment, the garments proceed to the assembly station. At this point we would do again, another quality control checkpoint.