Fall in love with pumpkin smocked dresses (Part 1)

Pumpkin corduroy smocked dress

Fall is time for harvesting pumpkin. It would be said that pumpkin is considered as one of symbols for Fall-winter. So many designers have gotten the pumpkin to create a lot of beautiful designs, in which hand smocked dresses for children are introduced in my article today. Let’s see!

What is pumpkin smocked dress?

The dress that has smocked pattern embroidered on called smocked dress. Normally, smocked patterns are picture smocking, when it comes to this topic, smocked patterns are pumpkins. But they are designed in various shades and postures. On Halloween, pumpkin is turned into carved pumpkin or Jack O-lantern; on Thanksgiving, pumpkin is fresh with leaves and branches…

Pumpkin corduroy smocked dress

With pumpkin smocked patterns, mother could comfortably choose for children. Because this dress can be worn as Thanksgiving smocked dress or Halloween smocked dress and even Fall-winter smocked dress with pumpkin as a symbol. For mothers, this is one of the effective ways to save money as you only have to buy a dress for 3 occasions. On the other hand, the dress is still suitable with holiday themes.

On pumpkin smocked dresses, orange is main color in order to match with the pumpkin’s color. This color at the same time makes your daughter look actively. To suggest some hand smocked dresses with pumpkin patterns, let’s take a closer look at some exquisite Babeeni designs below!

Lovely smocked bishop dress with pumpkin – DR 2025

Pumpkin smocked bishop dress

Feature: Sweet hand smocked bishop dress on Thanksgiving day with pumpkin embroidered around the neck, elastic short sleeves

Pumpkin hand smocked dresses for girl – DR 1973

Jack O lantern smocked dress

Feature: A beautiful smocked dress with cute pumpkin hand embroidered pattern, lovely ruffle

I have shared some general information about pumpkin smocked dresses for baby girls. What about styles? How many styles are there? About styles, I will reveal in next part. Please wait!

Thank you for reading.