Fall in love with pumpkin smocked dresses (Part 2)

Pumpkin and sunflower smocked bishop dress

Some information advantages and the main color of pumpkin smocked dresses were shared in the previous part. Today, I will continue sharing some styles of this exquisite smocked dress. Let’s discover!

Some typical styles of pumpkin smocked dresses

Classifying styles of hand smocked dresses depends on form of the dress and smocked pattern’s position. With these standards, pumpkin dresses are divided into 3 kinds:

Smocked bishop dress: You can see that this style is quite popular. Bishop dress was created so long time ago that it is considered as traditional garment. It has loose fitting form and over-knee length. So now, children can wear the dress at home as casual clothing. Come back to pumpkin, pumpkin smocked pattern is embroidered around the neck like other smocked bishop dresses.

Adorable sunflower and pumpkin smocked bishop dress – DR 1989

Pumpkin and sunflower smocked bishop dress

Material: orange quatrefoil

Smocked dress or Rosalina smocked dress: This kind is different from bishop dress. Rosalina smocked dress is the name often called in the EU market. It has medium length, tailored waist and flared skirt. There are always at least 3-5 buttons at back for easily dressing. Pumpkin smocked pattern is embroidered on the bodice meticulously.

Pumpkin with witch hat smocked dresses – DR 1975

pumpkin with witch hand smocked dress

Material: orange plain and purple plain

A-line smocked dress: With the form fitted at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the impression of the shape of a capital letter A, smocked a-line dress is suitable for chubby girl so much. Pumpkin is embroidered on smocking panel set on the bodice or around the neck of the dress. There are also buttons at back like 2 above dresses.

Pumpkin smocked denim dress for girls – DR 1763

pumpkin smocked denim dress

Material: Denim fabric

In conclusion, you should understand your daughter’s body shape and then choose for her a suitable style of smocked dress. Hope that along with part 1, you will find something useful!

Thank you for reading