Finding out children knit clothing (Part 2)

yellow giraffe smocked onesies

Knit clothing for baby may be familiar item with parents. But what do you know about this one? In the previous part, I shared with you some general information about knit fabric and the first kind of children knit clothing. Today, I will continue sharing other kinds of children knit clothing. Let read and enjoy it!

yellow giraffe smocked onesies

Knit outfit

One of the most popular types of baby knit clothing is knit outfit. Knit outfit includes both boy knit outfit and girl knit outfit. They contain at least two matching pieces that may include tops, bottoms, outerwear, one-pieces, and accessories. There are casual and formal clothing styles in this category.
mermaid applique knit bubble

Like knit dress, knit outfit also is divided into 3 main categories: smocked outfit, appliqué knit outfit and plain outfit. Smocked outfits and applique outfits have patterns on the bodies which may be hand smocked or appliquéd on top of outfit. These patterns are diversity but they must be suitable for children such as animals, flowers, Mickey, fruits… or patterns that feature holiday’s themes. They are so cute and exquisite.

Plain knit outfit is decorated by cute flowers, bow in top and lovely ruffle at the wrist and bottom.

Knit outfits come in many designs and colors. They may long pants or short pants, short sleeves or sleeveless, collar or no collar… You will have wide a range of choice!

Pants and Legging


Pants and Legging are also the main types of kid knit clothing. Pants and Legging can be short or long depending on season and climate. They are always made from plain or stripe knit fabric and decorated with lovely ruffle at the bottom. Pants and legging are easy to wear and combine with top. It can be suitable with any top and baby still look adorable and comfortable.

Pant and legging come to many colors, so you will have a wide range of choice!


gingerbread hand smocked loungewear

Loungewear is described as “clothing that is sleep-inspired but not limited to the bedroom.”  It is a category of clothing designed for wear during leisure time, especially around the home. Loungewear always includes two pieces: top and bottom. Knit loungewear has simple design so that baby can comfortable when wearing at home and sleeping but still look adorable with cute patterns are hand embroidered or appliqué on top. Knit loungewear can come to short or long depending on different season.

KN 153

Knit bubble

Another type of knit baby clothing is knit bubble. Knit bubble always comes to infant to toddler size. And it is also decorative by smocked pattern or appliqued pattern on the chest.

That is all I want to share with you about baby knit clothing. Hope that this article is useful for you!

Thanks for reading!