Finding out knit children clothing (Part 1)

Golf ezgo appliqued set for baby boys

As you know knit fabric is so comfortable, easy to wear and never out of fashion, so it not amazing when it is one of the most popular fabrics to produce children clothing. Knit children clothing are worn regularly by children. What do you know about this kind of clothes? Let read and discover now!

Golf ezgo appliqued set for baby boys

What is knit fabric?

Knit fabrics are popular due to their ability to drape well on any body type, their comfort and their versatility. Along with degrees of stretch, knit fabrics can be made of different fibers and come in a variety of weights.

Knit fabrics are fabrics made from interlocking loops of thread, which is in contrast to the length wise and crosswise weaving of threads found in woven fabrics. The result is a fabric that has varying degrees of stretch-ability, from slight to extreme elasticity.

There are many kinds of knit fabric but they have general advantages: warmth, elasticity, lightweight and absorbent. With these advantages, knit fabric becomes more and more popular!

Some kinds of children knit clothing

As other fabric, knit fabric is also used to make many children clothes. Knit clothing is available in many styles. In generally, they belong to four main lines: knit dress, knit pants and legging, knit outfit and loungewear.

Knit dress

Knit dress is no longer strange for baby girls. The beautiful dresses are always the best choices of mothers for their little princess. Knit dress comes to many different designs with different length, sleeves or sleeveless, collar or no collar… Knit dress can be distinguished in many ways, but I’d like to classify it follow how it is decorated. Do I dive it in 3 main categories: smocked knit dress, appliqué dress or knit plain dress.

rainbow smocked sundress

–  Knit smocked dress is hand smocked lovely patterns that suit with children’s age and girls. Patterns may be beautiful images, pictures or princesses, cute animal, flowers, plants, fruits… or representing for theme of a holiday. Cute smocked patterns are considered as the highlight point and make baby more adorable!

–  Like smocked knit dress, appliqué dress also has cute patterns on dress, but instead of hand smocking, these patterns are appliquéd. Applique patterns are also so diversity and lively!

–   Another type of knit dress is plain dress. No patterns on body, plain knit dresses make attractive by combination fabric color and decorative details such as bow, lovely ruffle… They are still beautiful and lovely!

geometric smocked baby grows

I have shared with you some general information about knit fabric and the first kind of baby knit clothing. Don’t forget to follow our site to get more interesting information in the next part. Let’s wait discover!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!