Four ideas to wear smocked dresses for baby girls

smocked dresses

Smocked dresses are an inevitable items in little girls’ wardrobe because it brings the loveliness and elegance for any baby girls who wears them. In many fashion market, smocking items are considered a timeless fashion style which is never out-of-date. Dexterous hand-embroidered details on smocked patterns are always the most attractive part of a smocked items and people love them because they contain a genuine love fro children in each of the colorful thread stitches. Today, I will show you four ideas to wear this awesome items for your baby girls. Let’s get started.

Choose smocked dresses that resonates with your girl’s personality

You are not necessarily to follow any fashion trend when choosing a smocked dresses because they are timeless items and each of the smocked dress has its own charm and attractiveness. Therefore, just go with  patterns and materials  that fits with your girl’s personality. If she is a conservative and feminine person, go with solids or understated, simple smocked patterns like as geometric, pinstripes, lozenge, rick rack.On the other hand, choose bright colors and splashy patterns for an energetic and fun girl.

smocked dresses
There are various smock dresses, just choose one resonating your baby’s personality


Mix&match short smocked dresses with pants 

Mix match a short smocked dress with pants. Why not? If you find a smock dress for girls  is either too short, just try mixing and matching it with a n a pair of pants or leggings under it. It really works! Just take a look:

smocked dresses
Mix&match short smocked dresses with pants

Add suitably adorable accessories

There are a lot of eye-catching accessories that are perfectly matched with your little girl’s smocked dresses . You can combine hair accessories such as hair bands, hair bows, hairpin etc. with girl smocked dresses. For example, when your girl wears the dress featured with flowers pattern, you should choose a hair band is flower to combine. In addition, items such as smocked bags and backpacks of the same colors and fabrics could be a good idea. However, never go overboard though.

smocked dress
Adding suitable accessories to match smocked dresses

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