How should you hang smocked dresses for girls on a clothesline? (part 2)

To dry faster, remember to hang smocked dresses for girls separately with room between them and fully stretched out. You can use as many pins as needed to prevent sagging on smocked dresses or boys smocked clothing. If drying time isn’t an issue and line space is, you can pin the outside corners of two pieces of smocked baby dresses together with one pin.

rainbow clothesline

Hanging pants on a clothesline


You should match the inner leg seams together and pin the hems of the legs to the line with the waist hanging down. If you have lots of line space, you can pin one leg to one line and the other leg to the adjacent line to speed drying time.

Hanging shirts and tops on a clothesline

Pin the shirts by the bottom hem at the side seams. Or, you can hang them on wooden coat hangers and pin the coat hanger to the clothesline. Either method prevents the shoulders from getting stretched or wrinkled.

What not to line dry


One thing you should remember is that stretchy smocked dresses for babies should not be line dried. If the care labels on smocked dresses for kids say to dry flat, you don’t hang the garment inside or outside!

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