How should you use a baby smocked dresses steamer? (part 1)

As you know, baby smocked dresses steamers play a role as a quick and effect tool for removing wrinkles from smocked infant clothing. Steamers are easy to use and following just a few tips will make you look like a professional. And before buying a smocked clothes steamer, should review the size and attachments you need on the steamers.


First step: before working on any smocked baby dresses, you should allow the steamer to heat completely. This will help prevent to sputtering of water before the steam appears in steaming smocked clothing process. You should test to be sure that you have a full head of steam before steaming baby clothes.


You always steam smocked dresses for girls in a vertical, upright position. And pressing down on a garment of smocked infant clothes will not help to release the wrinkles. It also allows the condensation in the steamer hose to flow down, not dribble out in steaming process.

Babeeni team