How should you use a baby smocked dresses steamer? (part 2)

After reading part 1 of this blog, you can know basic information about the way to use a baby smocked dresses steamer. To know more, please continue reading this part!

To use the steamer to take care of smocked dresses for girls or boys smocked clothing, you should touch the clothes lightly with the steam head and wrinkles on them will instantly vanish.


But you should not directly touch velvet with the head of the baby smocked clothes steamer. With some articles such as silk, you can steam better from the underside of baby clothes. There is much time for the steam to relax the fibers of the material, thus removing the wrinkles easily.

One important thing you should consider that never overfilling your steamer or allow it to run dry for baby smocked clothing because it can damage the heating element. Keep the water container upright to prevent spills and empty excess water before storing the steamer when not using for smocked baby dresses.


You never hold your hand directly in the steam because burns can occur more quickly than you think. And you should keep the baby smocked suits steamer away from children.

Babeeni team