How to brighteners natural color of toddler smocked dresses

Washing your toddler smocked dresses regularly can cause wear and tear to the fabric. The texture and the color of the garment can be seriously damaged by the strong cleaning agents in laundry detergents. Especially if you are fond of using bleach, it can fade and tear toddler smocked clothes in a month or two.


Most conventional detergents added the ingredient ‘optical brighteners’ in their formulas. Optical brighteners are chemical substances that bring back the ‘glow’ of your clothes and makes kid clothes bright and colorful as if it is still brand new.

But you should regard the use of this chemical substance especially in washing baby clothes.  Optical brighteners can make a white shirt look so white and clean. But it does not actually make the garment as clean as it looks like.

Mothers can add white vinegar in your washer to make your toddler smocked clothing come out brighter and softer. The acid in the vinegar is strong enough to dissolve the residues (alkalies) left by soaps and detergents in the fabric.


For a regular laundry load, you add 1/3 cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle. Afterwards, you will notice how bright and softer your baby’s smocked dresses are. You will notice how clearer the clothes are after washing with white vinegar. The vinegar scent should vanish after the clothes have been dried.