How to choose twins clothes (Part 1)

Having twins baby is a miracle thing and you can freely dress them some similar funny twins’ clothes. But you also still have to keep basic thing in mind. Today, I will share some useful experiences. Let’s read!


Good fabric is the first and deciding criteria to choose clothes for twins. In summer baby skin sweats a lot, baby clothes will absorb and be damp. With weak and same immune system, kids easily get deceases from each other, so mother should take care of fabric material when dressing for twins. The best fabric not only is soft, lightweight but also quickly dries and allows air circulation. So cotton, seersucker, silk… are always in top choice to refer.



Twins clothes are now available in many styles. You are not necessary to choose same style of clothes. Even you can choose totally different clothes, but in order to be special, at least one detail is same. For example, A-line dress and bishop dress with the same zigzag or pattern…


If you have twins are boy and girl, you will buy dress and jon jon or boy and girl set. You should choose one detail to create a highlight point, such as: color, pattern or coordinate letters on both kid clothes.

I have shared with you 2 first tips to choose twins clothes safely and easily. Please wait for next part to discover more.

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.