How to choose twins clothes (Part 2)

In the previous part, I suggested 2 tips to choose twins clothes. Are you excited to read more? Now I will give you 2 more tips for easy choosing. Let’s read!


Many mothers select same colors for twins clothes, others select contrasting colors or children favorite colors. It depends on twins’ gender and character. In summer, you should choose light colors which help reflect sunshine better and absorb heat less than dark colors. In addition, some couples of colors can combine together, such as: light blue with pinkish, orange with lime green…



Nowadays, clothes for twin babies are coming into many patterns so that you can buy easily. Twins clothes are designed in 2 ways of pattern:

Firstly, clothes for children are the same all decorate details, colors and styles of clothing. It is simple way to choose clothing without thinking too much.


Secondly, select items that are similar but not the same so parents can differentiate easily which item belongs to each twin. Purchase matching children clothing in two different colors or an outfit of the same style but different patterns, for example. Unique pattern on twins clothing may bring funny to your family.


Moreover, there is still a smart way so that mothers can show skillfulness and cleverness. That is you can embroider your kid’s name on your own. Many stores sell ready to smock children clothing, so mothers can find easily to buy.

That is all I want to share with you about choosing twins clothes for your babies. Hope you enjoy my blog!

Thank you for attention!

Anne from Babeeni team.