How to clean baby poop on smocked clothing?

One of the toughest stains to remove on your baby smocked clothing is baby poop. The task gets tougher with newborn babies or babies who are breast-fed. The stain is more persistent compared to formula-fed babies. But with some right stain removal techniques, you will be able to remove most of the stain.
smocked clothing
The key to successfully clean baby poop on your child’s smocked clothes is to carefully take out the stain.

    • Take off your baby’s smocked clothing and put the stained area directly under your faucet. The running water should remove the waste off the garment. Let the water run on the garment until you remove the poop.
    • Next, put kids smocked outfits on a cold water bucket. Soak kid clothes for a few minutes to prevent the stain from setting in. You may apply a stain remover formula on the stained area before you wash it.

smocked clothing

  • Washing baby smocked clothing: follow correct washing instructions especially for special fabrics. Use the hottest water temperature the garment can handle. Turn your washer to normal cycle. For delicate fabrics, turn on the gentle cycle. If the stain persists, repeat the steps to remove them absolutely.
  • Do not dry kids smocked sets in the dryer. This might make the stain permanent. Take your baby’s clothing on your clothes line and hang it. The heat of the sun can also help remove the stain magically.