How to keep white boys smocked clothing white?

As you know it is difficult to maintain whiteness of boys smocked clothing for a long time. White boys smocked clothes have the tendency to turn yellow as they age. If you are not careful, it could be stained by your colored clothes in the washer

  • The trick in washing white smocked clothing and keeping its whiteness is to use hot water. You have to read carefully label of instructions. Some clothing has the tendency to shrink if washed in a certain temperature of water.



  • Never wash white kid clothes with the rest of the laundry by separating the colored clothes from the white ones.
  • You should avoid detergent build up in your washer. These residues can dissolve and transfer to your kid clothing. To remove detergent build up, rinse your boys smocked suits in vinegar. Soak the garment in a gallon of warm water and put 8oz of white vinegar. Rinse in cold water.
  • If your garment is stained, pre-treat it first. Never let it linger and dry up in your clothing. Soak the stained area in detergent and rub the fabric together.



  • You do not use bleach to treat a stain or restore whiteness of cool kids clothes. Ironically, bleach does not make our clothes whiter or retain its whiteness. It makes the garment weaker. Bleach makes clothes yellowish or grayish in the long run.