How to make washing children clothing properly

        Children clothing, especially under 6 month-infants’ clothes are usually composed of 100% natural fabrics. Although it’s safe for baby’s skin, it must have appropriate washing secret so as not to dry out the fabric fibers. Let’s see following tips to have properly washing approach now!

  1. Use a specific detergent for children

Normal detergents may contain chemical sensitizers for baby’s skin, causing itchiness and baby acne. You should choose detergent which is produced only for children. None chemical detergent is encouraged to use for the baby.


  1. Separate the laundry

You should separate your child’s clothes with other member’s clothes in family. Because, they often face to outside environment with dust, polluted air, so adult’s clothing may contain harmful bacteria to the baby’s health. Therefore, you should sort and clean your baby’s clothes carefully.


  1. Remove stain as soon as possible

If children clothes are made dirty by milk, fruit juice, chocolate… you should immediately wash to ensure them always like new. If you wait for 1 or 2 days later, stain will hardly be cleaned.


  1. Wash with cold water

Many mothers often think that washing baby clothes in warm water makes the stain being moved more easily and kills bacteria better. However, it is good environment for harmful bacteria to live. Therefore, you should wash your baby clothes in cold water to inhibit formation of bacteria.


After reading my blog, I ensure that parents canwash children clothing properly. Hope your baby has healthy skin!

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team