How to manufacture custom baby clothes?

1. Firstly, you have to investigate your market for the type of custom baby clothes you want to design. You have to sure to find out if the market is over-saturated with kid clothes and if your baby clothes can compete with already successful brands.

2. You should make the sketches and patterns of the custom baby clothing show to your seamstresses. If you are a talented artist, you can create the sketches rather quickly.

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3. Then, contact a production house that specializes in creating samples of kid clothing. The production house will create samples according to your sketches and patterns. The facility can give you an estimate and a schedule of when the samples, in whichever fabrics you choose, will be completed. You can create the samples of custom baby suits yourself if you are proficient with a sewing machine. However, creating pieces may be time-consuming.

4. Show your best baby clothes to stores specializing in babies and children. If boutique owners are interested in your designs, they may order a few pieces to be sold at their store. You will receive a percentage of each sale. You also have the option of selling your creations at your own online store.