How to organize baby clothes


Baby clothes are so tiny and adorable. But their small size makes them even more difficult to organize than my own clothes. But you can get those bundles of onesies and piles of baby socks organized once and for all using these ideas from parents who’ve been there and done that. And after you read these tips on how to organize baby clothes in this entry!


#1: Choose the basic organizing systems depending on what kind of storage you will primarily use.

 Most people use a combination of the two. That way space use is maximized. Remember that you can create whatever organization works best for you. Be creative, and consider coming up with your own solutions. You don’t need expensive organizers and can often use items you already have at home to make the solutions yourself.

Other than only using the closet and furniture drawers, think about other spaces that can be useful, such as wicker baskets, doors, boxes, and similar. Even if you don’t have a closet just for the baby’s clothing, or if you live in a small space, there are numerous solutions available. Many of them are affordable and fun to make!

#2: Decide how to best use the closet space. 


Rather than just placing everything on hangers, do consider what would be the best way to use all of the vertical space. Arrange clothing by type (dresses, jumpers, jackets, pants, etc.) and select what would be best hung. Anything that doesn’t fold easily, or that wrinkles easily, should be placed on hangers. You should definitely use hangers for delicate items, or for special events outfits.

Place dividers between the sorted outfits that you plan on hanging. You can make the dividers yourself and put your own artistic flair into them!  Take as much advantage of the vertical space as possible. One of the best ways to maximize this is to install simple shelves, or to hang canvas shelves off the closet rod. You can also stack plastic bins, boxes or drawers on the floor of the closet.

#3: Organize your drawers. 

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Drawers are excellent for keeping diapers, wipes, lotions, bags, shoes, swaddle blankets, Boppy pillow covers, bedding, and such. Modular systems such as boxes and collapsible sacks can be used to keep the drawers neat. In them you can store onesies, socks, bibs, beanies, or any other smallish baby items that otherwise could easily get misplaced. You can use containers that hold an adult’s accessories, although you can make your own dividers very easily as well.

#4: Consider alternative storage solutions for items that are either much bulkier or smaller than the rest.

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Sweaters, hooded sweatshirts and snowsuits are best kept in wicker baskets or in deepest drawers. Items you need when heading outdoor, such as jackets, hats, shoes, burp cloths, hair accessories and bibs need to be easy to grab. Consider hanging over-the-door hooks. Alternatively, you can use a simple hanging chain or rope to clip some of these small items, especially pacifiers, teethers, and small toys.

I hope that these tips will be useful for you. To read more interesting tips about how to take care of kids, follow our latest entries at website.

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