How to remove pollen stains from baby smocked dresses?

As you know, flowers can leave a seriously tough stain to remove on baby smocked dresses. Pollen stains can leave a mark on your sleeve or all over your baby. It is so difficult to remove pollen stains into the fabric. Hence, there are ways on how to remove pollen stains on baby smocked clothes by following these easy steps below:

baby smocked dresses

1.      Shake out the pollen on baby smocked dresses outdoors. Make sure you shake out much of the pollen as possible off your garment. If the pollen has been rubbed onto the baby smocked clothing, put a sticky tape on the surface of the stain. Then, gently lift the tape.

2.      Rinse baby smocked outfits with cold water. Once you have removed the pollen, rinse the stained area with cold water from the back of the stain.

baby smocked dresses

    3.  If the stain persists, soak kid clothes in cold water for about 30 minutes.

    4. Then, make sure that you rinse the garment thoroughly.

    5. Repeat the previous stains. Rinse and soak kid outfits until the pollen stain is removed or no longer visible.

    6. Apply stain remover. Apply a stain remover on the stained organic baby clothing. Then, wash it in the hottest water that the fabric can take.

    7. Hang your garment to dry. Make sure that you dry your stained baby smocked dresses outdoors in the clothes line. The heat of the sun is also an effective natural stain remover.