How to remove stains on children clothes (part 2)

In previous part, I share with you 2 tips about removing stains and drying children clothes. Now I will continue suggest you some useful experiences for the most important step: washing. Let’s read!

Washing properly

Wash separately cloth diapers, diaper wrap, underwear… in order to avoid the spread of skin disease. You should wash new children clothes before wearing with dilute detergent solution to remove dust and dirt stay in the machining process.


Clothing should be turn inside out to wash in order to avoid being worn out and fading. When putting in washing machine, you do not wash too much clothes at once. Instead of that, you should wash clothes for moderate volume, light cleaning mode and high level of water. If you wash too much at once with less water, strong cleaning mode, it will not only make the kid clothing wear out faster but also cause environment for bacteria dwelling.

If the washing machine has hot and cold water mode, you remember to select cold water for colored clothing to prevent from fading fast. To enhance the effectiveness of removing stains on color fabric, you can use oxygen bleach fabrics exclusively for colored fabrics, combined with detergent, then rinse normally. Oxygen foam which is non-harmful substances can kill bacteria when combined with water and detergent. In addition, this component does not make fading color and pleasant fragrance.

I have shared some information to wash children clothes properly. Hope that you enjoy!
Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.