How to select an indoor smocked clothing drying rack?(part 2)

3. Sweater drying rack


Besides smocked clothing drying rack, sweater drying rack is one type you should choose. And not like smocked infant clothing, you have to dry handwashed sweaters flat to retain their shape. A sweater drying rack is wonderful for keeping your sweater looking as news. They are usually made of lightweight plastic and mesh fabric, air flows freely around the sweater and speeds drying. You can use the drying racks over the bathtub, in a shower or on top of the washer to hang sweaters as well as hang smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing.

4. Choose retractable wall mount drying rack to hang smocked clothes


A retractable drying rack is so perfect for small spaces if hanging smocked infant clothes where a permanent rack is not appropriate. It is very good for lightweight clothes like lingerie. It should be installed where dripping water from baby smocked suits will not harm any surfaces.

Babeeni team