How to select an indoor smocked clothing drying rack?(part 3)

5. Over-the-tub smocked clothing drying rack


Sometimes you don’t know that a rack on the bathtub is an excellent choice for heavy smocked infant clothing that are difficult for you to wring. One advantage of this type is that the tub catches all the water dripping from smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing and keeps floors safe and dry. These a-frames fold for easy storage.

6. Over-the-door smocked clothes drying rack

Most smocked infant clothes over the door drying racks have collapsible shelves when not in use. These are good for lightweight baby smocked suits. But they are not for heavy or dripping wet baby clothes.

7. Magnetic clothes drying rack


This type is designed to attach magnetically to the side of your washer or dryer, this is handy for lightweight small smocked dresses for girls or boys smocked clothes. It is removable without harming appliance.

8. Expandable wall mount smocked outfits drying rack

This rack is suitable for small spaces and lightweight baby clothes like smocked swimwear. It is not appropriate for large items or very wet and dripping items.

Babeeni team