How to store summer kid clothes?

1. Sort summer kid clothes by style and age. This will make it easier for you to access and sort through those items first when winter is over.

2. Purchase some plastic or metal tubs with tight fitting lids to store summer best baby clothes in.

3. Wash and dry each baby’s summer kid clothing and swim wear before storing to ensure that dirt, food or drink spills will be washed out.

4. Make sure that all the baby clothes are completely dry before packing them away.

5. Separate the summer clothing of older children and adults, fold the items neatly, and layer the clothing in individual tubs.

6. Put several moth balls in the tubs, both at the bottom of the tub before putting in any kid suits and on top.

kid clothes

7. Make sure that you snap the lids on the tubs tightly until they lock into place. You can, if you wish, put tape around the edges of the lids afterward.

8. Place more formal summer wear or smocked dresses and light weight summer kid outfits into heavy garment bags and then hang them high on a rack in a closet, basement or other storage area or even put them in a long tub still encased in the plastic.

9. Put a piece of masking tape or large square peel and stick label on the lid of each container and take the Sharpie and write the kids name that the cool kids clothes belongs to and what is in the container.


10. Neatly stack the tubs on a metal book case or other shelving above the floor in your basement. The plastic tubs, heavy garment bags, and the metal book case help ensure that your clothes will be better protected from potential flooding or plumbing leaks.