How to wash smocked baby clothes (Part 1)

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As other type of baby clothes, your smocked baby clothes need to be washed continuously. Otherwise, your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so there are some notes you need to know before throwing everything in the wash. This article will give you laundry instructions to keep baby smocked clothing new and make sure that your laundry is safe for baby.

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  1. Firstly, remove all tags from new smocked baby clothes.

Tags can make your baby feel uncomfortable, even cause baby’s skin itchy. Remove them before you let your baby wear the clothes is recommended. You also need to ensure that you check for sticker. If you leave stickers on smocked clothing for baby, the adhesive will melt into some types of material, leaving a permanent scratchy crust spot on those new garments.

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  1. Sort through hand-me-downs thoroughly.

Hand-me-downs possibly sometimes are stained or moldy from sitting for a long time. Because you don’t want your infants wearing moldy smocked clothing, you should try washing these items separately with hot water, detergent and vinegar. You still need to ensure that all mold is gone, it also means there is no lingering smell of mildew. It can take a few washes and don’t get upset if you can’t save them all.

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With white and pale smocked clothes, hot water or chlorine bleach will kill all the mildew, however, harmless stains might remain. Wash a final time with the rest of your smocked children clothes.

  1. Wash smocked children clothes with fragrance-free, dye-free detergent

Because your baby’s skin is very sensitive, using fragrance-free, dye-free detergent and skipping bleaches, softeners, and stain removers are always recommended. Fragrance-free generally means without any fragrance, while “unscented” can mean either without fragrance or with only mild fragrance to mask the sometimes-odd smell of active ingredients. Both of them may be fine for baby, but all else being equal, you still should choose “fragrance-free”. Tide Free and Clear, and Method are typical great detergent choices for your laundry. Otherwise, you should keep smocked baby clothes away from detergents with bleach or strong perfumes since they can potentially irritate baby’s sensitive senses and skin. You should know that bleach, perfumes, and other washing agents found in detergent can be harsh on a baby’s sensitive senses and skin.

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These are 3 first instructions to wash your smocked baby clothes for baby. There are other things you need to keep in mind such as how to use dryer for baby clothes or how to arrange clothes before washing, tec… So please wait for the next part to learn more about them.

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