How to wash smocked baby clothes (Part 2)

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After reading the previous part, you may know 3 instructions about how to wash smocked baby clothes. In this article, I will offer you other notes and tips to help your laundry easier. Let’s read it now!

4. Throw smocked baby clothes in the dryer.

Using dryer sheets for baby clothes can be unnecessary, but if you still want to use them, you should use something suitable for baby’s sensitive skin, without strong perfumes. Your smocked baby clothes can also be dried on a clothes line. With diapers, sunshine is an excellent way to ensure they are thoroughly clean.

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5. Fold laundry and put away.

Choosing a method that is easy for you to use will be a wise choice. You should be realistic about smocked children clothes which your angel will wear most often and where her/him will sleep. Put baby clothes such as smocked sleepers in the easiest point to access, a drawer of baby’ changing table or the dresser in your room.

6. Put dirty clothes in a separate basket.

Infant’s clothes need to be washed quickly in the early days because of diaper leaks and spit-up, or maybe just because you want to dress her/him with a different outfit. You should keep smocked clothes for baby in separate and organized basket. Because it will help you keep track of them and know when you’ll need to wash more.

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7. Other tips you need to remember

If you have any animal, keep children smocked clothes put up, dresser drawers closed, and closets shut. You may don’t want scratchy animal hair irritate baby’s skin.

Always wash cloth diapers separately, using tiny amounts of detergent in a top loading washer on large load. Letting your washer run an extra rinse cycle to make sure all detergent gets out of diapers is a good idea. And don’t forget keep away from using bleach cloth diapers or using a dryer sheet in the dryer.

When your angels become older, you possible start washing their clothes with the rest of your family clothes; or you can wash your baby’ clothes with your as long as you are using a detergent for sensitive skin.

Even if you ensure about baby’s sex, do not prepare all baby clothes before baby is born. Preparing 8-10 outfits is more than sufficient for the first few days after baby’s arrival. You also should prepare gender neutral outfits, and minimal outfits will ensure that you can return outfits just in case.

These are some information about how to wash smocked baby clothes. Hope that this is useful for you.

Thanks for reading!

Joy from Babeeni team.