Instructions to hand wash smocked clothes (Part 1)

Knowing how to properly hand wash your smocked clothes for children can make the clothes look new and extend the life of that garments. So how to hand wash smocked clothing in right way is difficult to do. Let’s see more details below.

Step 1: Prepare the garment before washing

  1. Check the garment’s care label before washing

You can find care labels inside the garment, behind the neck or along a side seam. These items have instructions for washing, drying, and ironing your item such as:

  • Washing recommendations (dry clean only, hand wash only, machine wash on delicate, etc)
  • Detergent recommendations
  • Temperature recommendations for water
  • Ironing instructions
  • Drying instructions

3- Woven Clothing Labels- Stock Size- 100 Cotton White

  1. Test colorfastness.

Before washing the smocked baby clothing, you need to know that whether a garment’s color is going to bleed.  If it is, you should wash it separately from other clothes, or only wash it with items of a similar color. Dab the garment in an inconspicuous area with the corner of a white, damp cloth to test it. If color comes off on the white cloth, then the item is not colorfast.

yellow giraffe smocked onesies

  1. Sketch the shape of fine knits.

Some children smocked clothes such as knit smocked clothing lose their shape when being wet and you need to reshape them before they dry. For a precise reference, lay the cloth out on a large piece of butcher paper and use a pencil to trace its outline. After washing, you’ll put the item back on this paper and reshape it according to the outline

  1. Separate lights and darks.

Don’t wash multiple color items in a sink or tub of soapy water. Separate lights and darks in the different loads of clothes and wash them separately. If you don’t want to do this, only starting with the light items (you can wash several light items together at the same time) and gradually work your way to the dark items. Washed and rinsed smocked kid clothes that are not colorfast separately.


  1. Select your detergent or soap.

Before washing clothes, you should select suitable detergent or soap. If the garment labels require a certain type of detergent, use that. If nothing is specified, you should use a mild detergent or liquid dish soap.  You also should use a mild hair conditioner instead of detergent for delicate woolens.

These are some instructions to prepare the garment before washing. So how to wash children smocked clothes in right way? Please wait for the next part and find the answer.

Thanks for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni team!