Instructions to hand wash smocked clothes (Part 2)

After reading my previous post, you may know how to prepare garment before washing. Let’s learn instructions to hand wash smocked clothes in this part now!

Step 2: Hand wash children clothes

  1. Fill your sink or tub with water.

Use suitable water’s temperature based on the care label instructions. If they do not specify, you can use the following guidelines:

Use water that is just warm to the touch if you are washing regular machine-wash clothes. You should know warmer water is better for removing stains, but if it’s too hot, the colors tend to run. Delicates often require cool or lukewarm water.

  1. Add about 1 teaspoon of detergent or soap to the water and mix it around.

This will help the detergent dissolve into the water before adding the smocked clothing for children

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  1. Gently lower the clothes into the soapy water.

With delicate smocked baby clothing, you can allow them to submerge into the water themselves. The less you touch and agitate them, the better.

  1. Soak the smocked garment in the water for two to five minutes.

98 % of dirt comes out within the first five minutes of hand-washing, so you don’t need to over soak.  Moreover, the longer a delicate cloth stays submerged, the more likely it is to lose color, or change shape or size. With lightly-soiled garments, two to three minutes of a soapy soak is adequate.

  1. Knead or swish the clothes in the water as they soak.

Only wash hand-wash clothes gently. Never twist, wring, scrub or rub these items. These can damage the fabric and smocked pattern


If you’re washing non-delicate kid smocked clothes, you can be a little more aggressive, scrubbing the fabric against itself to work out dirtier spots

Start with the lights, if you’re doing a few light-colored items and then darks. Once they’ve soaked, remove them from the soapy water and repeat 4-6 with the dark items. You will also need to rinse them separately.

  1. Drain all the water from your sink and refill with clean water.

You may want to move delicates aside so as not to be directly under the flow of water – even this amount of agitation can be damaging. Clothes such as cashmere sweaters should be removed completely after draining and re-submerged once the sink or tub is full again.

  1. Swish the articles of clothes in the water to remove soap.

Remember that you should be gentle with delicates, or a little more vigorous with tougher items. If you’re not sure if all the soap is out, sniff the garment to detect any soapy scent.

Pour 2 teaspoons into the rinse water, if you want to use fabric softener. Do not pour it directly on the fabric. However, don’t forget checking the care label in advance to make sure fabric softener is recommended.  Repeat the draining and rinsing process as needed. One or two rinses to wash out the soap is recommended.

These are instructions to hand wash children smocked clothes. Please wait for the next part to find how to dry hand-washed clothes.

Thanks for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni team!