Instructions to hand wash smocked clothes (Part 3)

After reading the previous parts, you may know how to prepare and wash smocked clothes. Let’s read this part to learn how to dry hand-washed smocked clothes.

Step 3: Dry hand-washed smocked clothes

  1. Squeeze excess water from the garment gently.

Be very careful when you squeeze excess water from the smocked clothing. Do not twist or ring the items, because this can stretch the fabric. Especially when you are washing delicate items such as knit smocked bubble or knit smocked dresses, you may want to skip this step altogether.


  1. Reshape the clothes.

Lay the children smocked clothes on the butcher-paper outline and gently manipulate them into their original shape. You can also let the smocked garment dry on the paper, turning it once during the process. Beside that, you can use white bath towel to dry the garment. And you also should wash the towel multiple times so that no lint remains.

  1. Lay the garment onto the towel.

Firstly, pat the clothes into shape. Or you can lay the towel on top of the butcher paper, if you’re transferring it from the butcher paper.  After that, lowly turn the whole thing over so that the butcher paper is on top. Then remove the butcher paper and ensure that the shape has been retained.

  1. Roll the item up into the towel and press gently.

The baby smocked clothing should be fully encased in the rolled towel. If the towel is completely saturated, unroll it and repeat the shaping and rolling process with another clean, dry towel.

geometric smocked baby grows

  1. Follow drying instructions per the care label.

If there are no instructions, shaping the garment on a clean, dry towel is recommended. After that, let it dry on a flat, moisture-resistant surface. Turn the item over occasionally, and change the towel if it becomes too damp. Sweater dryers are excellent for this as well: they are a large, flat, mesh surface that allows the item to dry flat.

You can hang it on a drying rack, if the clothes do not need to be dried flat. If you have access to a dryer and the care label recommends machine drying, follow the label’s instructions for dryer settings.

  1. Press the garment gently with an iron if the care label permits.

Make sure that you check the instructions on the label first, and follow the temperature settings in right way. If there is no care label, test on an inconspicuous area with the iron at a low setting to select suitable temperature.


These are some instructions to hand dry smocked clothes. Hope that this is useful for you.

Thanks for reading!

Lacey from Babeeni team!