Introduce about Disney collection at Babeeni (Part 2)

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Hi everyone! I am Amy from Babeeni team! In the previous part, I shared with you some information about Disney collection of Babeeni. In this part, I will continue mentioning other information and introduce to you some beautiful designs in this collection. Let’s read now and discover more interesting things!

As I mentioned, in this collection, Babeeni concentrated on two main categories including smocked clothing and appliqué clothing with Disney topic. So, patterns on children clothing are famous characters of Disney such as Cinderella princess, Charming prince, Mickey, Elsa queen, Anna princess… These characters are shown in many different shades, postures and conditions.


Babeeni is well known with hand smocking clothes. Hand smocking patterns of Babeeni are so exquisite and beautiful. Babeeni used high quality and high-colored thread to make smocking patterns, so they are look so eye catching and attractive. With 8 years of experiences in hand smocking industry, each pattern is also perfect and professional!

DR 1957

Beside hand smocking clothes, Babeeni also offers many children clothes with so adorable appliqué patterns. Appliquéd patterns are lively and so diversified.

Children clothes in this collection are available in many colors such as: pink, red, white, blue… They are so sweet, beautiful and gentle.

Now let see beautiful designs of Babeeni Disney collection!


Cinderella dress smocked dress – DR 1942

DR 1942

Feature:  Cute smocked dress for girls with Cinderella dress smocked pattern

Material: Blue quatrefoil fabric

Cinderella glass slipper appliqué A-line dress – DR 1945

DR 1945

Feature: Adorable girl appliqué A-line dress with glass slipper appliqué pattern

Material: White plain + Hot pink with white small dots

Minnie smocked girl set – DR 1853

DR 1853

Feature: Little girls smocked set, Minnie hand smocked pattern at the top + ruffle at the bottom

Material: white knit + white with pink dots

Minnie hand-smock ruffle bubble for little girl – DR 1713

DR 1713 (990)

Feature: Hand-smock baby ruffle bubble with 2 cute Mickey patterns on the bodice

Fabric type: Red with white dots and Black with white dots

Olaf frozen appliquéd knit boy outfit – BC 485

BC 485

Feature:  Cute appliqué outfit for baby boys with Olaf frozen appliquéd pattern on top


Top: blue knit

Bottom: small aqua chevron

Cute Olaf frozen smocked romper for boys – BC 483

BC 483

Feature:  Cute smocked romper for boys with Olaf frozen and snowflakes hand smocked pattern on the chest, short sleeves

Material: Aqua gingham

There are many beautiful designs of this collection. Let’s visit website and sign up to see full range of Disney collection!

Thanks for your time!

Amy from Babeeni team!