Introduce brand new collection of American girl doll clothing (Part 1)

Mickey hand smocked bishop dress for American doll

American girl doll is 18 inch doll that has been released by Pleasant Company since 1986. At first, the dolls were used for imitate characters and sold with accompanying books which are save the viewpoints of them. Nowadays, you could order manufacturer to create the doll is identical even your daughter within eight- to eleven-year-old girls of a variety of ethnicities.

Mickey hand smocked bishop dress for American doll

As you can see that, almost baby girls live in the land of USA have one doll. They can wear for the doll matching clothes with them, hand smocked clothes, appliquéd clothes or their handmade clothes… Found that this is potential market of producing doll garments, Babeeni has just created collection of American girl doll clothing with exquisite designs and cheaper price. Why not? Let’s discover with me!

Regarding cheap price, you may think of low quality clothing. It might come from bad fabric materials, redundant threads of pattern or loosen buttons… But when coming to Babeeni, you will think differently.


Although clothes are made for American doll, Babeeni selected the best fabric material as well as for baby clothing since children may bring the dolls all day long and always contact with doll garment frequently. Being considered as baby-friendly fabric materials, cotton is chosen as the main material in this collection. You all know that, cotton is derived from natural source and it is nontoxic or say in another way it is safe for baby skin. Moreover, it is soft, lightweight and dry quickly. Some types have elastic ability. It will be convenient for children when dressing the doll up.

Basket of egg pattern on cotton hand smocked dress for doll

Being made of 100% cotton material, there are various fabric kinds; apart from traditional fabric of Babeeni that is knit fabric, this collection is the first time using new fabrics, such as hot pink with multi colors dot, multi color eggs printed fabric and red with big and small white dots. They are all colorful and fresh, however, you also can change fabric if you want to design American doll clothing on your own.

In conclusion, fabric is the first priority of every mother when purchasing any American doll clothing. Through this part, I sincerely hope you know that fabric material Babeeni has used is high quality and safe for children. Please wait for next part, I will share other things make our uniqueness in this collection.

Thank you for reading!