Introduce brand new collection of American girl doll clothing (Part 2)

Cute cupcake hand smocked bishop dress for doll

In order to meet demand of junior customers, Babeeni has just launched brand new collection of American doll clothing. Through choosing style, fabric, pattern on smocked clothing for example, your baby will have experiences in combining her clothes. But at first, mother should guide her to choose quality over beauty. And please come to Babeeni, both of you will be satisfied. In the previous part, I introduced to you fabric in Babeeni. Let’s keep following this part today and see the differences!


As traditional business, embroidery has become strength of Babeeni for many years. Each piece of smocked pattern is made carefully without redundant threads or loosing details. As well as smocked pattern, although appliqué pattern is made by machine, it has accuracy and vivid picture.

Cute cupcake hand smocked bishop dress for doll

In this collection, aside from hand smocked clothes which are majority, there are appliquéd and plain clothing. They are also outstanding.


Regarding style for American doll clothing, Babeeni decided to keep baby girl styles. American doll just likes your daughter in small version. Therefore, you could choose the same clothes or matching clothes for them. In the first period, Babeeni only designed some popular styles, such as: smocked bishop dress, Rosalina smocked dress and some smocked sleepwear. It will be easy since you could choose smocked bishop dresses for both little girl and doll.

valentine smocked dress for american girl doll

Moreover, in order to welcome a number of next holidays, smocked patterns, appliquéd patterns and the fabric colors are related to Easter, Valentine and cartoon characters. All factors are combined harmoniously.

When you have just read here, you may wonder about cheap price that I told you before although the clothing for American doll is such a high quality product. Following is some reasons may be answer for your question:

– Babeeni is online shopping (there is no cost in hiring store)

– Babeeni is new member in this market, so we want to reduce our price as low as possible in order to access customers easily.

In conclusion, with high standard and love for children, Babeeni hopes that you will fall in love with American doll clothing. Please kindly visit and sign up at to see full ranges of product.

Thank you for reading!