Introduce some latest fabrics for vacations (Part 1)

multi color egg hand smocked bishop dress

Each vacation has its own features, symbols and meaningful things. Before these occasions, parents often list all necessary things to buy and want to dress up their children with matching atmosphere smocked clothes. In order to meet that demand, Babeeni has designed some latest fabrics for upcoming holidays. Let’s discover!

Eastermulti color egg hand smocked bishop dress

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Regarding symbols, decorated eggs and cute bunny are made for this occasion. This year, Easter is held on April 5, so now is the right time for ordering children smocked clothing as well as appliquéd and plain clothing for Easter.

multi color egg hand smocked bishop dress

Over 8 years, Babeeni released a lot of fabric kinds with different patterns and colors. (You could refer them from Easter clothing collection). Likewise, 3 other fabrics are added to make the collection more diverse.

Multi color eggs printed fabric

Colorful eggs are used as symbol on Easter occasion so Babeeni also wants to bring these Easter eggs on clothes. Pink, green, light blue, yellow…eggs are printed on white background and fabric is derived from 100% cotton. Therefore, it looks bright and fresh. In Easter collection, this fabric has been used to make some smocked bishop dresses. You could choose it for casual or formal activities.

Hot pink with multicolor dot

On hot pink background, there are many dots in different size and light colors. In additionally, small white dots interleave other bigger dots. It makes special look when wearing outside. You could use the fabric to create smocked A-line dresses or smocked bubbles for baby.

multi color egg fabric for Easter

Cream with tiny multicolor dot

There are many colorful tiny dots on cream back ground which together makes the suitable fabric for Easter garments. It is light background that makes dots outstanding in overall. With this fabric, mother could use for making Easter smocked pajamas or sets to wear at home.

multi color dot fabric for Easter

I have shared 3 first cotton fabric kinds which are in my opinion suitable for making Easter children smocked clothes. There are still more fabric kinds I will introduce in next part. Please wait for it!

Thank you for reading!