Introduce some latest fabrics for vacations (Part 2)

rainbow smocked sundress

Fabric material is often the first thing mother takes into consideration when choosing clothes as well as children smocked clothes . In fact that children’s skin is more sensitive than adults and easy to get allergy. Understand that Babeeni always brings baby friendly fabric to make clothing. In the previous part, I gave you 3 newest kinds for Easter holiday. As promised, I will continue introduce other kinds of fabric for spring summer. Let’s see!

rainbow smocked sundress

Spring summer

Spring summer is time of reviving a lot of creatures. There will be a number of outdoor activities held in exciting atmosphere. After winter, life is full of colors. Therefore, Babeeni wants to contribute some colors to children smocked clothes through some fabric kind below:

White with pink dot knit

Knit is one of the most preferable fabric kinds for its advantages. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. Although knit fabric is heavier than other kinds, it has elasticity, softness and good absorbency. In detail, on white background knit, pink dots are arranged symmetrically. You also take it to make Easter garment for kid too. With this appearance of it, you could design summer garments, smocked knit dress for baby girl for example.

Lavender stripe knit

Along with above white with pink dot knit fabric, lavender stripe knit is going to be launched on November 15th. There only 2 contrast colors on it: white and lavender colors. It may be simple but when your kid wears hand smocked loungewear for instance, you could easily find smocked pattern outstanding on overall garment.

In conclusion, with spring summer theme, you should choose good material and colorful fabric for smocked clothing for your girl and boy. But this part is not all of my sharing. Please wait for final part, I will show you last kinds of fabric for Valentine.

Thank you for reading!