Some useful tips to keep children smocked clothing at its best looking

children smocked clothing

Choosing smocked clothes for your children may be one of your best decisions since they are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also embraced in themselves a dedication and love through each hand-embroidered patterns. Each children smocked clothing is a versatility work and thus, need a little bit more care than other kinds. Following these below tips and you could learn how to reserve children smocked clothes and add some more years to life to such heirloom-quality items.

Follow label instruction

Every new clothe has a sewn-in label which provides essential information about care instruction. There you find necessary guides such as water temperature, laundering, whether the item can be hand- washed or machine-washed, ironing and so on. It is worth noting that while many children smocked clothing can be machine-washed and dry-cleaned, it is observed that for clothes made from linen and those with white color, hand-washing is highly recommended due to the unexpected yellow stain appearing during dry-cleaning.

children smocked clothing

Check for stains

Most of stains, such as grass, chocolate or blood stain, could come out after washing if they are properly pre-treated. A bar of WHITE Ivory soap or just a small amounts of Spray ‘N Wash are brands that mothers can trust in. Read the instruction carefully to optimize the effectiveness of the detergents. One thing to remember is that you should NEVER wash the stain on children smocked clothing in hot water and then throw it into the dryer. The heat will surely set it forever in your children’s clothes!

Launder properly

Clothes with similar colors could be washed together and you should certainly avoid washing a white items with a colored one. Special items such as smocked dresses may require hand-washing and many modern washing machine have a “delicates” that is suitable for such kind of clothing items. Do not overload your washing machine because it can prevent proper cleaning and rinsing. In addition, pay attention to the amount of washing liquid, detergent and water temperature to prevent children clothes’ shrinking and fading.

children smocked clothing

Drying and ironing

Before going to this step, make sure all traces of stains have been removed after washing. Reading carefully the instruction. Most children smocked clothing could be dried in moderate heat. For ironing, it is recommended to set the lowest temperature in which a steam iron will give the best result. Remember to use distilled water to prevent mineral deposits from damaging delicate fabrics.

children smocked clothing


Smocked clothing is often considered as a high-end fashion and it is certainly deserved to be a fashion that is timeless, never out-of-fashion. Obviously, it is worth dressing your children with smocked clothing and the item will surely enhance the loveliness and elegance for your children. Remember ways to reserve smocked clothing so that your children can put them on many time and pass it down for their siblings or cousins if they want.