Kid clothes – What clothes does your baby need?

You would think that buying kid clothes for a baby is quite simple – with so many adorable and gorgeous kid outfits available these days, how can one go wrong?! But with a varies of kid clothing designs and styles that are either practical time-savers or frustrating time-fizzers for parents, Babeeni designed best baby clothes to help you with the task of clothing your baby.

Girl smocked dresses is one of the main line at Babeeni with many beautiful designs for baby girls from 3 months to 10 years. With many kinds of smocked patterns such as flower, butterfly, bird, etc we ensure that your babies will be stand out with crowd.

kid clothes

Boys smocked clothing is the main line that is as interesting as girl one. With cherub patterns as the train, book, whale, etc Babeeni’s products will bring fun for boys. They could play delight inside or outside. Our products show the love of babies.

kid clothes