Knowing more about A line dress

A- line dress is more and more popular with every baby girls. It is designed simple, easy to wear but beautiful. Maybe there are a lot of people knowing A-line dress but there are a little people who do not know it. In this entry, I would like to introduce the rest people who do not know a line about definition & how to dress for baby girls in a line dress.

First, you need to know what a line dress style is. The A-line dress is one kind of a dress with a triangular silhouette, nearly the sides of letter A like this:

Second, what body shape suits a line dress? A line dress is fitted to your waist and flare out to the hem. This dress can minimize the midsection, hips and thighs and draw attention to the bust half at the same time.

Thirds, Styles of a line dress. There are 3 styles of a line dress: long sleeves, short sleeves & sleeveless. You can choose styles of a line dress suitable with the weather. You can choose sleeveless a line for your baby on cold weather but you need wear more long t-shirt inside for her.

That is sleeveless A- line dress

Christmas reversible applique dress – DR 2183

That is short sleeves

Nice pink quatrefoil girl dress – DR 2134


That is long sleeves.

Gardenia Colourful floral pleated dress – DR 2877

Fourth, reason why to dress a line dress for baby girl. A line dress has unique & simple style. A line has shape of letter A so it can help cover the body from top to knee. It can help baby girl look more chubby or lovely. It can help baby girls have perfect performance.

To improve more about designs of A –line, nowadays, we designed A-line with smocking plate or big applique on the chest. It makes a-line dress much more outstanding.

Sweet hearts smocked dress- DR 1177

It is very nice smocked A line- dress with lovely hearts smocked on the chest. It is perfect for baby girl on spring summer.

That is some information about A-line dress I would like to introduce for you to understand more & I hope they are useful for you & can help you love A-line dress more. You can visit website: to see other designs.