Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 1)

Every year, we spend a lot of money on buying baby hand smocked clothing and the time taken to carefully launder them with the hope of increasing their lifespan and helping them retain their shape and good looks.


Based on advancements in washer designs and delicate cycles, we can save much time hand washing baby clothes these days, but there are still some items that require special care to ensure better for baby hand smocked clothes.

Clothing manufacturers provide small symbols which denote specific washing instructions for best results on baby smocked dresses and boys smocked clothing or other clothes. This laundry symbols list can serve as a refresher on how to read these symbols.

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Proper laundry sorting and selecting the correct washing cycle are crucial for a perfect wash for hand smocked suits. To complete the kids clothes laundry, how you dry it can have as much impact on the results as the washing cycle.

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