Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 2)

Read part 2 of my blog and know more about laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing now!

Your operating manuals can also provide some valuable information as to special features, cycles and fabric care options for your particular washer and dryer in caring for baby smocked clothing.


Sorting hand smocked clothes for best results

Firstly, you have to check all pockets of baby clothes for tissues and other pocket debris, remove belts and accessories, and unbundle socks.

Hand smocked suits that are labeled ‘Dry Clean Only’ – usually mean just that, and trying to even handwash you also can not produce positive results. It is better if removing from the pile of baby smocked dresses of boys smocked clothing and deliver to your local dry cleaning depot.


Nextly, you should turn all smocked infant clothing inside right to ensure that sleeves and pant legs are fully extended. Some people prefer to turn good clothing inside out – this is usually a matter of preference, but with certain dark clothing, inside-out can prevent pilling from other clothes.

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