Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 3)

And in part 3, I will continue introducing information about other laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing.

Small smocked infant clothing like baby smocked socks and smocked diaper cover should be placed in a mesh laundry wash bag, to prevent them from becoming trapped in the discharge hose or in the washer screen.

Pile 1: Whites – Hand smocked clothes that can be washed in a long wash cycle and full spin with hot water and bleach, such as baby sock, underwear, face cloths, towels and sheets.


   Pile 2: This pile is for light color baby clothes – Warm or cold short wash cycle, for t-shirts, linens, girls top, boys top, girls bottom, boys bottom and shorts. If these are very soiled, you may want to consider a bleach specially made for color smocked infant clothing.


Pile 3: Dark colors kids clothes – These can be washed in warm water or cold depending on the type of material. Especially, items like jeans and dark socks should be washed on a long cycle with a full spin. Permanent-press trousers and dark t-shirts should be washed on a shorter wash cycle with a low spin to reduce the possibility of wrinkles.


To know more about this issue, please wait next part to sort or drying hand smocked suits best!

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