Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 5)

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In fact, a bleach dispenser is a great feature in laundry of baby clothes but you should ensure that there is sufficient water in the tub to allow the bleach to dilute, before you start adding your wash load to wash hand smocked clothes. There also could be a small residue of the bleach that leeches back out into your next load. Adding the bleach directly to the water and allowing it to mix will provide better results. And note that this only works with top-load washers; with front-load models, the bleach and detergent must be added to the dispensers.

Drying features & options for baby hand smocked outfits

Basic dryers usually have a long timed cycle for heavier loads and a shorter cycle that has a lower heat and a cooling down period, for permanent press smocked clothing. This cool-down period reduces the presence of wrinkles and is ideal for clothing that has a polyester content, or for lighter fabrics.

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