Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 5)

Now, you can make laundry for hand smocked clothing of babies, can’t you? Please delay more to read this part and add necessary information in washing baby clothes!

About washing cycles & special options with hand smocked clothes


In fact, with basic washers there will generally have at least two cycles. A long regular cycle with a full spin is for the white smocked infant clothing, jeans or a towel/linen load. And a shorter cycle with a low spin is especially for permanent press fabrics such as smocked baby dresses and smocked t-shirts…

A delicate cycle is usually very short and perfect for fine wearables, hand smocked dress, smocked coat and sweaters. You can learn more about special detergents for fine and delicate baby clothing in Babeeni’s blogs.


Presoak options are good for reducing rewash items that are heavily soiled and this feature will usually proceed into the wash cycle with hand smocked outfits.

This is not the end. Please wait next part and know more!

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